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Crap Nakama, Incorporated

For all your Crappy One Piece needs!

Crap Nakama, Inc.
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Hello, and welcome to crapnakama_inc, a joint operation between funkyfunkyusopp and bamf_girl! This community was created with the specific purpose of posting anything and everything related to One Piece that we have made, so that you, the outsider, may appreciate them. This community is slash friendly, so if you don't like one of the pairs we do, don't bother looking at that. Or, if you're going to take it really far up the ass, don't even join.

On the subject of joining, all are welcome~ However, only funkyfunkyusopp and bamf_girl are allowed to post, you just get to see what it is we've posted. Sorry, that's how it is~ But we appreciate praise and constructive critisism, so fire away!

Currently, the only people who can post in the community are going to be the moderators. While this may change eventually, it's the state of things for the time being. Here's a breif overview of what you can expect to come out of this community:

-Fan Fiction
-Witty observations

This community is run by funkyfunkyusopp and bamf_girl, and they're the ones that post all the lovely smex and filth you can see throughout the community!

funkyfunkyusopp/Raine: I'm Raine-sama, or known in anime conventions here and on ArlongPark forums as 'Funky Funky Usopp'. I enjoy jpa music, Latin, 80's, and some Hindi. =3 I'm 18 and live in England, where I wish to be a flourest... once I even get a job. XP I'm an Usopp fangirl, along with many other 'odd' chars that aren't too liked... My fav animes are One Piece, Keroro, King of Bandit Jing.. with others. My fav pastimes are YGO card game, talking to my swan <3, cosplaying, and other half-assed projects that tend to die.... Anyway.. I like horror movies... and I like pickign apart USA remakes of Japanese movies cus they do so badly <3~ (bamf_girl says: Haha, peach~ Her spelling isn't the best, but she's got the heart of a champyun. ;-; You just keep scrapin' along! Anyway, enough with my hsr references. Raine is a wonderful, gorgeous girl, even if she doesn't think so. I love her to pieces, and constantly wonder how she can possibly stand to put up with a knucklehead jerkoff like me. An excellent writer, and a far better person than she gives herself credit for.)

bamf_girl/Pietro: Now my turn! =D I'm 17, I live in Southern California, and I'm a senior in high school. Which I hate. My hobbies include role-playing and acting, and my favorite movies are Sin City, Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire, and X2: X-Men United. What I like best is instant cup ramen One Piece, especially Sanji, Kuro, and Luffy. So kawaii~<3 I enjoy talking to my little peach, and reading. I've got a pet black cat, and I stand about six feet tall, because I'm MANLY. No one's muscles are bigger than mine. *strikes a pose* It's my dream to one day be a great chef, or maybe to just not get stuck in some stuffy office. I'm currently attempting to get into college, and I've got a play coming up in January~ (funkyfunkyusopp says: indeed no one is more manly then Sanji~ even though everyone knows -I'm- the seme in THIS realtionship! -strikes pose and flicks hair- she's my uke~ she's kind, caring, loving, a total asshat at times too... and she loves One Piece pairs and movies I can't stand X3 and she beats me! ;-; we plan on meeting next year in Canada and go to an anime con <3~ She RPs with me alot and her RP skills are very good~ her poems and drabbls are also good though she won't belive me when I tell her... our music tastes are pretty diffrent... but we have a fair bit of mutral ground <3~)

So, if you're not frightened off yet, you can join our little comm! Of course, you can't post, because your things are crap because it's our postings only, but you may watch us~ Should you need to come in contact with either of the mods, they can be found below:

LJ: funkyfunkyusopp
AIM: FunkyFunky Usopp
YIM: bumblebee_starscream
E-Mail: bumblebee_starscream@yahoo.co.uk

LJ: bamf_girl
AIM: BamfGirl143 // NekoPirateSanji
YIM: BamfGirl143
E-Mail: bamf_girl143@yahoo.com
GreatestJournal: bamf_girl143
deviantArt: bamf-girl143